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Holy Fuck Album Lineups!

If you haven’t heard… HOLY FUCK, the little neighborhood comedy show that could, is RECORDING A FUCKING ALBUM! Good gravy, are we excited.

Forty-two of our favorite comedians are booked on four consecutive shows — January 15, January 22, January 29, and February 5. All shows will be recorded in their entirety, but some of the sets will be cut down (and if the comic wishes, removed completely), so please, come out and see the real thing, and help us record a piece of history!

We have the lineups locked down. Solid. But before I announce them, please read this. I am quite often guilty of worry and overthinking, but I think this is important to say:

There are 42 comedians on this album. That is a lot of comedians. However, that is not anywhere close to the amount of great comedians in Los Angeles. It is not our intent, with this roster of 42 comics, to show the LA comedy scene in its entirety, but to provide a snapshot of what LA has to offer. You might not see your favorite comic on the show, and if you’re a comic, you might not have been asked, but that says absolutely nothing about you or anyone else’s abilities as a comedian, or our desire to have you/them on the show.

I legitimately feel bad we could not put more comics on this album. I love so many comedians in this town, both for their work and for their personalities, and I just wanted to take this moment to make sure that you, and the rest of the world knows how we feel. We plan on making another compilation, and another. We would put everyone we think is funny on if we could. This album, we decided we wouldn’t have anyone on who wasn’t living in LA and a part of the show within the first year of the show existing. And even within that boundary, we couldn’t get everyone on we wanted!

This album is for the LA comedy scene. We truly hope you agree. We want the rest of this country and world to see what amazing comedy and comedians this city has to offer — from the famous TV-actin’, well-known type of comic all the way down to the young idiots no one’s ever heard of. And yeah, there are way more great comics than we could fit on this album, and yeah, it fucking SUCKED trying to pick which ones we’d have, but in the end, we’ve got a great sample of the huge population of great performers and writers in this town, and we know you’ll agree. Do come out, say hi, and have fun with us.

Now. WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU! Here are the lineups for the cd recordings:

Tuesday, January 15 // 9pm
TJ Miller
Eric Andre
Sean Patton
Andy Peters
Hampton Yount
Raj Desai
Lizzy Cooperman
Sean Green
Jake Weisman
Matt Ingebretson
Jeff Wattenhofer
Dave Ross

Tuesday, January 22 // 9pm
Dana Gould
Kumail Nanjiani
Johnny Pemberton
Ron Lynch
Brent Weinbach
Joe Wengert
Michelle Buteau
Eric Dadourian
Allen Strickland Williams
Brandie Posey
Jeff Wattenhofer
Dave Ross

Tuesday, January 29 // 9pm
Kyle Kinane
James Adomian
Moshe Kasher
Jackie Kashian
Zach Sherwin
Nick Rutherford
Hasan Minhaj
Karl Hess
Barbara Gray
Megan Koester
Jeff Wattenhofer
Dave Ross

Tuesday, February 5 // 9pm
Natasha Leggero
Rory Scovel
Jesse Case
Jarrod Harris
Ron Babcock
Hugh Moore
Beth Stelling
Will Weldon
Shawn Pearlman
Eli Olsberg
Jeff Wattenhofer
Dave Ross

The lineups are subject to change, but they won’t change much. Hope to see you out at the shows!

They’re each at…
The Downtown Independent
251 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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Holy Fuck. THE ALBUM.

This month, Holy Fuck is recording an album.

We are so excited.

We are ECSTATIC. :)

We love you.

In total, 42 comedians and four entire live shows will be recorded — the shows on January 15, January 22, January 29, and February 5.

Dana Gould, TJ Miller, Natasha Leggero, Kyle Kinane, and Eric Andre are just a few of the comics you’ll see at these shows.

Every comedian will be doing a 5-minute set. Five minutes of their best material amidst other great comics doing five minutes of their best material. These shows are going to be insane.

Once it’s all recorded, the comics will choose which of their stuff will go on the album, the fine people at Rooftop Records will master the tracks, and from that we’ll craft a (2-CD or 3-CD) compilation album. We’ll also be throwing in some audio sketches from groups you may have seen at Holy Fuck, and other silliness from other idiots we know.


Please, do come out and have fun with us. We’ll be announcing the lineups next week, but I can guarantee you: they are incredible. We’ll be smiling and laughing and recording a little piece of history over this month and next. We’d love it if you were a part of that.

Here’s the info. Please feel free to spread it around:

HOLY FUCK. (The Album Recordings!!!)
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Tuesday, February 5, 2013

9pm each night // FREE

at The Downtown Independent Theater
251 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


And in the mean time, come to our show next Tuesday (January 8)! It’s not recorded, but the lineup’s amazing. And it’s our first show of the year! Come!

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